‘Impact of COVID 19 in the economy’

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‘Impact of COVID 19 in the economy’

CA.Shankar Aryal :

The second wave will hit hard for sure. We are in lockdown II. The world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and the solution in most of the countries is the only lockdown. We should design the system so that the economy doesn’t suffer due to a pandemic. There is enough for everyone’s need, not everyone’s greed. Poor suffer the worst, and poverty is the worst form of violence. It’s also a manufactured issue.

We’re learning that trickle-down doesn’t work, and most of the economy is propped up in nonsense activities instead of providing basic needs for regular people. There is somehow proved that the economy doesn’t depend upon basic needs purchase because people were still buying their basic needs during this pandemic too. Asset management is a good weapon in this pandemic. Indeed it takes patience to get rewards and with the right institute, it’s highly remunerative amidst the markets up-downs.

The market is so malleable that we never stop learning from it. Travel is obviously hit and the connected stories there are really significant, the impact on Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, the host of their smaller subcontractors, employment at airports, the travel industry, travel destination in countries depending upon the tourist trade.

On the other hand, the world is suffering from the threat of inflation and currency devaluation due to this pandemic. I have a feeling that less developed countries will simply proceed without social distancing and without a vaccine. Life is valued less in those countries and they also have a larger family on average, meaning they are likely willing to take more risk and lose more life in exchange. So their economy might recover faster and the dark side won’t be on the news. The people are busy on the share markets and still risking their lives for the money in most of the countries. You are more likely to suffer financially than medically from COVID-19 pandemic. Hard times for the poor and cheap money, asset bubble-free for all the rich people. The wealth gap becomes a chasm. We need to go and support small business. Getting rid of small business makes way for big business monopolies. –Putalibazar-11, Syangja

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